JSL has been involved with surveying, designing and supervising the installation of public services for over 10 years.

Designing a subdivision takes specialist software that allows three dimensional engineering of pipes and roads, and warns you as soon as you cross another service.  Familiarity with this software and inherant training as part of the Surveying Degree makes our surveyors an obvious choice when a water, sewage or stormwater pipeline needs to be designed.

Whether its a driveway or a four lane road, our experience will ensure it's designed as per the site constraints.  The Surveyor is usually the first on site to map out what exists, and is usually the one that goes back out and transfers an engineering design onto the ground by setting it out, so it's only logical that we are also the best choice to design also.

If we can't do it, or need to call in some geotechnical experts, we have the contacts to call in the right people.