Area Q Consultation

Area Q Consultation


In 2007 the New Plymouth District Council put out a document called Future Framework for Growth for public consultation.

The document had areas of current rural land surrounding the District towns that could be redevelopmed as residential land to cater for future growth.

Area Q was an area identified as suitable for consideration in approximately 30 years time, after the city had expanded inland.

JSL succesfully argued that Area Q provided a critical link to the airport and industrial areas that exist in the area and should be considered a priority to allow the city to expand in the opposite direction.

Area Q is now in the process of being prepared for public notification of a plan change to rezone about 150 hectares of land to residential.

JSL's planning team researched the document, the background and the land area carefully and presented evidence at each public hearing on this matter. 

This was not a project we could charge - it is an example of the time and effort JSL's team puts in for general public benefit.