Henui Street Fitzroy

Henui Street Fitzroy


JSL took on this project on the request of a commercial real-estate agent, after the landowner had been told that the subdivision "can't be done."  To our ears that means the job will be challenging, and we love a challenge.

The existing business had a large carpark that was surplus to their requirements, so they wanted to obtain a title to it and sell it.

To achieve the subdivision, JSL undertook a two stage process.

Firstly JSL obtained a Resource Consent from Council to allow on-street parking for the occasional couriers and furniture trucks that visited the property.  Also, we allocated on-site carparks to the staff and customers including proving that the cars could enter, turn on-site and exit going forward.

Once the Resource Consent had been granted, we designed a subdivision around the access, car movements and the existing business, and made the subdivision happen.

It was through our knowledge of planning, engineering and surveying that allowed JSL to achieve what others said couldn't be done.

At the end of the project the real estate agent commented “I have worked with Allen on more than one occasion and have found him very competent and knowledgable which has allowed projects to move forward where others have said they couldn't to the delight of mutual clients.”